professionals are passionate!

Yes, they are passionate and focused. They wont compromise on anything until they achieve it.Only these kind of people knows what is to be needed and why it is!.

"Hollywood post houses have built some of the fastest networks and super computer systems on the planet because they’re working on major motion pictures for the big studios. They’re dealing with incredibly high resolution images, massive amounts of data and super tight deadlines."


You get full multi track support with fast and familiar editing tools. There are keyboard shortcuts and toolbar buttons to mark edit points, insert tracks, delete clips and more. You can also swap and shuffle edits, extend heads or tails, or use the new combined edit and trim commands for even faster editing!


Capture your footage's like never is flying like anything.Now you can capture your visuals at 8K and all the major brands come with 4K at its minimum. Cameras are designed to be used on feature films, television shows, commercials, indies, documentaries, music videos and more.


DI has going long way from the start,now there are plenty of options like powerful primaries,HDR grading,unlimited grades, automatic colour match etc.The features like Image stabilisation and 3D tracking has made highly accurate perspective matching,3D tracking saves your time on generating key frames.